LA Day 1: Night drive

When we left the observatory the sun was down. It was fully dark and while we drove through the city I took some pictures of the view and all the lights and signs. Not much to say so let's get to the pictures

Amerikka 2016 817 Amerikka 2016 827 Amerikka 2016 835 Amerikka 2016 848 Amerikka 2016 853 Amerikka 2016 862 Amerikka 2016 874 Amerikka 2016 895 Amerikka 2016 902 Amerikka 2016 904 Amerikka 2016 917 Amerikka 2016 954



Heey all my lovely readers and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. Here in Finland we had crazy parties 'cause this year we have been independent 100 years. I was in a party in the city with my friends and there was live music, different shows and amazing firework at midnight.

NEW YEAR 2017 017 NEW YEAR 2017 027
When we got to city center it was around 9.40pm and the party was gonna begin at 10pm. Some DJ was playing music and there was pretty much people around already. Being young and all we of course made our way in the middle of the area and after all we were really close to the stage. 
NEW YEAR 2017 160 NEW YEAR 2017 177 NEW YEAR 2017 223 NEW YEAR 2017 276 NEW YEAR 2017 304 NEW YEAR 2017 330

First artists were starting and all, I don't really remember all of it so I can't tell that much. Some international artists were there also like ALMA (Bonfire, Karma) and Saara Aalto (Second place in UK's X-factor 2016). We were enjoying our night and everything went well.
NEW YEAR 2017 361 NEW YEAR 2017 383 NEW YEAR 2017 420 NEW YEAR 2017 428 NEW YEAR 2017 438 NEW YEAR 2017 459 NEW YEAR 2017 474 NEW YEAR 2017 509

When it was closer to 12am we moved closer to the place where the firework was going to be so we could get better pictures. Then when the time was up they were playing Sandstorm by Darude and the firework begun. It was really amazing! So hopefully you have had amazing new year too!
NEW YEAR 2017 583 NEW YEAR 2017 590 NEW YEAR 2017 600 NEW YEAR 2017 662 NEW YEAR 2017 695 NEW YEAR 2017 703 NEW YEAR 2017 718 NEW YEAR 2017 822


LA DAY 1: Griffith Observatory

After we had seen all we wanted in Hollywood we went to Griffith Observatory. I had read a lot about the place online, but it was so much cooler in reality. I loved the place, the view and the building itself. We walked around the place and it was stunning. This is something I really recommend!

Amerikka 2016 570Amerikka 2016 589Amerikka 2016 592
Amerikka 2016 594

From the Observatory I could see the Hollywood sign. I really loved it, 'cause it made me feel like I really was in LA. Do you guys know the feeling when you're just so happy you're sure it's only dream? Or when your dreams come true and you're just like "this is it. This is what I've always wanted". It's really good feeling, but it's kinda disappointing to realize you need bigger dreams. Anyway I loved the place mostly because it was so calm and relaxing and when I saw the view I finally felt like I was in Los Angeles.

Amerikka 2016 615 Amerikka 2016 644 Amerikka 2016 647 Amerikka 2016 721

And that wasn't even the best part! When the sun was setting the view got even more unbelievable! It was like whole sky was gold and burning and when it finally got dark - that was so cool! All the lights from the city, all the cars and windows and all.

Amerikka 2016 736 Amerikka 2016 744 Amerikka 2016 751 Amerikka 2016 757 Amerikka 2016 780