LA: Arriving

If movies and books have taught me anything, it’s that Los Angeles is the greatest city with the greatest people and the greatest beaches. And so, like every girl to ever walk this earth, I dreamed of visiting this Golden State
-Did I mention I love you

We flew from Finland to London and from London to Los Angles. It was like 11 hours in plane and even though I like planes and flying it was a really long flight. We arrived around 4pm and it was like 5 or 6 when we got out of the airport, rented a car and got to our hotel. Just the drive from airport to our hotel was breathtaking! LA is every teenage girl's dream and that dream becoming true was so amazing. Sun was setting, everything was so pretty and I just couldn't believe I was Actually in Los Angeles. Our hotel was located to Torrance, it was not exactly a hotel, but more like little apartments. While we unpacked and changed clothes after our flight it was already getting dark.

We walked around the hotel grounds and found a street food truck, you can only guess how excited I was! Even though it was getting colder we ate outside. I just wanted to breath the LA air as much as possible, see it all, sense it all u know all that crazy stuff that was just same as at home but still so different. 

Going to bed was almost impossible, how could I sleep after I got everything I ever wanted? What if I wake up in the morning and it was all just a dream? Before falling asleep I had to do the one thing I wanted almost more than anything -to watch tv! I'm the biggest fan of almost every series and movies ever made and I've always been jealous of Americans since they can watch it all from tv. After all I was pretty tired, mostly because of the flight, the excitement and the time zones. 

It was the best day of my life so far and at that point I had no idea what a good day means!

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