Day 2: Santa Monica part 1

Hi again! So after climbing up to the Hollywood sign we made our way to one and only Santa Monica beach! This is gonna be two parted, because I have so many pictures. When we arrived the sunset was close. Our plan from the start had been to see the sunset so we were in time. We walked on the beach and the pier and took a ride on the Ferris wheel. Now to the pictures!

Day 2: Hollywood sign

So the reason why we drove through downtown was that we were making our way to Hollywood sign. This was totally one of my have-to-do things!

Amerikka 2016 1484 Amerikka 2016 1496

We left our car and walked up to sunset ranch where our hike begun. There was me, my dad and my ten-years-old little sister who by the way walked whole hike with us so for those who might think if they can make it with little kids yes you can. We also saw lots of people with kids at age of 5 or so.

Amerikka 2016 1499 Amerikka 2016 1534 Amerikka 2016 1535 Amerikka 2016 1551

Sorry about the dirt in my lens. Anyways the view was amazing during the hike! Sun was shining and it was hot but we had water and snack so it was no problem at all. I thought the way up was best thing ever, but that was before we achieved the top!

Amerikka 2016 1552 Amerikka 2016 1558 Amerikka 2016 1628 Amerikka 2016 1631 Amerikka 2016 1646 Amerikka 2016 1680 Amerikka 2016 1702
One of the best things I've ever done and totally worth it! Easy hike with good roads, amazing view and even more amazing feels!


Day 2: Downtown drive through

This was the first time we drove through downtown and it was so cool! I've only twice before seen sky decks and they were amazing! As I told in my last post I don't have much to say but I really hope you enjoy the pics!

Amerikka 2016 1428 Amerikka 2016 1433 Amerikka 2016 1443 Amerikka 2016 1449 Amerikka 2016 1455 Amerikka 2016 1471


Day 2: Memorial Coliseum

After the museum we walked over to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It was closed 'cause they were filming a movie though. I was cool building anyways and there were many nice spots for photographing. We got lost a few times trying to find the gates, but it was worth it!

Amerikka 2016 1325 Amerikka 2016 1328 Amerikka 2016 1363 Amerikka 2016 1396

These last two posts have been really short and I'm sorry for that but I really don't have any stories to tell. Next post also won't have much text but after that I have topic I can keep talking about for forever!


Day 2: Night at museum

Second day, yaay what a fast writer I am XDD
Okay we started our day at Los Angeles Natural History Museum, the place where Night at Museum is filmed! It was really cool place. I have never seen so many bones and dinosaurs! Okay so I have nothing to tell about the museum though so I hope the pictures tell more than thousand words could.

Amerikka 2016 1123

Amerikka 2016 1019 Amerikka 2016 1036 Amerikka 2016 1040 Amerikka 2016 1041 Amerikka 2016 1055 Amerikka 2016 1068  Amerikka 2016 1192 Amerikka 2016 1207 Amerikka 2016 1229 Amerikka 2016 1296 Amerikka 2016 1303 Amerikka 2016 1304


LA Day 1: Night drive

When we left the observatory the sun was down. It was fully dark and while we drove through the city I took some pictures of the view and all the lights and signs. Not much to say so let's get to the pictures

Amerikka 2016 817 Amerikka 2016 827 Amerikka 2016 835 Amerikka 2016 848 Amerikka 2016 853 Amerikka 2016 862 Amerikka 2016 874 Amerikka 2016 895 Amerikka 2016 902 Amerikka 2016 904 Amerikka 2016 917 Amerikka 2016 954